To Floss or Not to Floss?

Our office would like to provide clarification on the need for regular flossing, being that floss is an essential part of caring for your teeth and gums. For your reference we have attached an article released by the America Dental Association (ADA) acknowledging recent media claims (Unproven Benefits) and providing clarification on flossing recommendations and […]

Tooth sensitivity

Ouch! Why is My Tooth So Sensitive?

Ouch!  Why is my tooth so sensitive??? What causes tooth sensitivity? Tooth wear ➔ Incorrect brushing technique, night grinding, and excessively frequent intake of acidic foods.  Once the protective layers of enamel and dentin become thin, the harmful stimuli can irritate the pulp easily to elicit pain. Dental caries ➔ As decay invades the dentin, […]

Gum Disease

The Most Common Dangerous Disease to Mankind

  What is this disease? 80% of the U.S. population will develop gum disease Without treatment gum disease worsens Insurance statistics identify that less than 5% receive treatment Why is gum disease so important? Your risk for developing: heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and other life threatening diseases increases Bacteria from the mouth are carried […]