Don’t Let the Government Take Your Money!

Don’t Let the Government Take your Money! Do you have excess funds in your HSA or FSA accounts that you don’t want to be taxed on? Did you know you may be able to use that money towards the in-office purchase of a Waterpik Waterflosser or Sonicare Toothbrush? Some plans may allow for the purchase […]

To Floss or Not to Floss?

Our office would like to provide clarification on the need for regular flossing, being that floss is an essential part of caring for your teeth and gums. For your reference we have attached an article released by the America Dental Association (ADA) acknowledging recent media claims (Unproven Benefits) and providing clarification on flossing recommendations and […]

Tooth sensitivity

Ouch! Why is My Tooth So Sensitive?

Ouch!  Why is my tooth so sensitive??? What causes tooth sensitivity? Tooth wear ➔ Incorrect brushing technique, night grinding, and excessively frequent intake of acidic foods.  Once the protective layers of enamel and dentin become thin, the harmful stimuli can irritate the pulp easily to elicit pain. Dental caries ➔ As decay invades the dentin, […]

Over the Counter Better than a Prescription?

What is Vicodin? Vicodin is the most prescribed medication by far over the past decade.  In California alone, 1 billion dosage units of hydrocodone combination products were dispensed in 2013.  Vicodin is a combination of acetaminophen (Tylenol) and hydrocodone (narcotic opioid).  In 2014 the FDA placed Vicodin in a more restrictive drug schedule to limit […]

I Want Some Laughing Gas!

What is Nitrous Oxide? Nitrous oxide gas is commonly referred to as “laughing gas.” The process requires inhalation of nitrous oxide & oxygen to create a sedated, relaxed effect. Nitrous has been safely used in dentistry since the mid 19th century. Since nitrous has been around for so long it has been studied over many […]

Gum Disease

The Most Common Dangerous Disease to Mankind

  What is this disease? 80% of the U.S. population will develop gum disease Without treatment gum disease worsens Insurance statistics identify that less than 5% receive treatment Why is gum disease so important? Your risk for developing: heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and other life threatening diseases increases Bacteria from the mouth are carried […]

The TRUTH About Fluoride

What is fluoride? Fluoride is a product of nature, not a medication. It is a mineral, the 17th most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust. When present at the right level, fluoride has two beneficial effects: preventing tooth decay and contributing to healthy bones. How does fluoride help prevent tooth decay? Topically applied fluoride provides […]

1 in 4 Adults Suffers from Dry Mouth

Dry mouth affects men and women of all ages.  It is more common in women and the elderly. Over 1800 drugs in more than 80 drug classes have the ability to make your mouth feel dry.  A number of systemic diseases also contribute to dry mouth: Sjogren’s Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, diabetes, AIDS, bone […]