Coffee Drinkers of the World Unite! (…with whiter teeth)

Fifty-four percent of American adults enjoy drinking coffee daily and believe white teeth are not possible with their caffeine habit.  There may be a way to have whiter teeth AND your morning cup of joe.  The answer is cold brewed coffee!

What is cold brewed coffee?

  • The process takes 24 hours to extract the coffee then filters it into a carafe.  The process yields
    the extract that is then used to make hot, iced or latte versions.
  • The cold brew process extracts the coffee bean’s true delicious flavor and eliminates much of the acidity, producing a bold, super-smooth coffee concentrate that may be refrigerated for up to 14 days without any deterioration in taste or freshness.

Why should I drink cold brewed coffee?

  • Cold brewed coffee contains 67-80% less acid than coffee brewed by conventional hot brewed systems. Acidic beverages can create microscopic pores on the surface of the enamel, causing erosion overtime and staining your teeth.
  • Twenty percent of Americans suffer from heartburn weekly and 75% say acidic beverages such as coffee can cause it. Cutting the acid out of your coffee = less heartburn.
  • Oxygen is vital to healthy tissue.  Alkaline tissue can hold up to 20 times more oxygen than acidic tissue.  Cancerous tissue is acidic in nature.  Acidic tissue also has more free radicals.  Changing the body’s intake to include less acid can help prevent cancer.
  • For the eco-friendly people, there’s no waste.  Cold-brewed coffee can be made one cup at a time, and at the strength you prefer, simply by adding steaming hot or iced cold water or milk. It’s also microwavable.

Can I make my own cold brewed coffee at home?

  • There are a number of cold brewed systems on the market (i.e. Toddy Cold Brew System) and you can make your own system very easily.

Where can I buy cold brew coffee?

  • Riverside is home to a number of boutique coffee shops which provide cold brewed coffee along with the conventional offerings.
  • Starbucks also started offering cold brewed coffee recently.

Why has conventional coffee been made via the hot-brew method for so long?

  • Similar to the way many foods have been prepared, it is a faster process. Americans have seen a dramatic health shift in the past decade to choosing “slow food.”  Everybody agrees a grilled chicken breast is much healthier than a fried chicken breast.  However, due to a variety of factors, various food prep processes have remained.

Why is my dental office talking about coffee?

  • Sixty-five percent of coffee drinkers add cream or sugar to their coffee.  Most people claim the reason is to mask the strong acidity in their coffee.  Cream and sugar are loaded with sugars, which are bad for your teeth. Lowering acid ingestion = whiter teeth!