Why does my hygienist poke at my gums???

Once a year your Registered Dental Hygienist pokes around your teeth to check your gum health. They don’t do this to be mean but to identify periodontal infection in the earlier stages.  This is done with a measurement device called a periodontal probe. Your hygienist will check 6 measurements per tooth. When your gums are healthy these measurements should not hurt.  Healthy gums measure from 1-3 mm and infected gums measure from 4+mm. Since periodontal disease is considered to be a “silent disease” most people can’t feel infection until the later stages. The image below will show you the difference between healthy gums and infected gums.

If your infection is found and treated early, our office has the tools to help you maintain your periodontal disease so you can keep your teeth for life! If you have any additional questions about periodontal disease ask your hygienist Jacquelyn or Kristen on your next visit.