What Sets Us Apart

We like to have fun.

We celebrate every day. In the office we celebrate holidays like Mother’s Day and even make believe holidays like “Middle Name Pride Day.”

Our office staff is very unique.

From the orange slice logo to the family oriented team. We love to make our patients feel like they are at home and that is something that is hard to find, especially in a dental practice.

We are committed to world-class dental care.

By always going above and beyond what the state requires in Continuing Education.

Our office is special.

Because of all the love we show to our patients. We are like one big happy family. We truly care for them!

We love kids.

We have a three-step system to help children under the age of 3 acclimate to coming into the dentist on a regular basis without fear.

Our diverse patients.

We have patients who live as far away as New York, yet call our office home for all their dental care.

Modern technology.

We utilize modern proven technology to provide tangible benefits to our patients. From digital x-rays to state-of-the-art sterilization and modern oral cancer detection devices.

Patient comfort.

We offer multiple sedation options to help our patients receive the care they need while allowing them to stay relaxed.

Word of mouth.

Our entire business is based upon personal referrals from other patients as we do not advertise.