Dental Products We Recommend

The office of Mark Harris Dental would like to prescribe the following oral hygiene products to enhance your health. Improving your oral health will ultimately promote better overall systemic health.


Floss or waterpik is by far the most important & beneficial product that you can use. Yes, it’s even more important than your toothbrush! Naturally your tongue can clean the outside of your teeth but nothing can clean between. Not using floss or waterpik on a daily basis can lead to cavities between your teeth and tooth loss from gum infection.

*It is important to waterpik or floss before we brush. We want the fluoride from the toothpaste to stay where we put it.


This tool is great for irrigating difficult to reach areas of the mouth, especially at the gum line and underneath bridges. For most patients, the WaterPik can be used in place of floss, making it an easy alternative. You can find instructional videos on:

Really interesting video of the WaterPik in action (wait for the corn part)

Glide Floss

This floss is made out of Gore-Tex and is great for almost everybody. The tape version provides plenty of surface area and is extremely effective.




This electric toothbrush will help all patients immediately improve their oral hygiene. The electronic brushing action is helpful in removing plaque without much physical effort. Be sure to turn on the brush once it is in your mouth to avoid making a mess of the bathroom counter.

Nimbus (manual brush)

The extra soft bristles on this toothbrush will gently remove plaque from your teeth without brushing away your gums. These brushes are not available in stores, but can be ordered online at (Also available for purchase in our office)



Most patients experience some type of sensitivity or tooth discomfort at some point in their lives. Sensodyne & its related products help to strengthen your teeth and lessen any sensitivity you may be experiencing. The fluoride present in the toothpaste is also helpful for preventing future decay.


Over the counter rinse should mainly be used in addition to regular brushing and flossing. We recommend any mouthwash that is alcohol free, which still provides protection against decay and infection. In order for the mouthwash to be beneficial you must swish with it for a minimum of 45 seconds.

Peridex (Chlorhexidine)

This is a prescription strength rinse that Dr. Harris may prescribe. This rinse is prescribed when there is gum infection or when we are noticing changes in the gums between visits. This is an antimicrobial rinse, meaning it kills good and bad bacteria. This rinse is not meant to be used on a regular basis like a rinse you buy at the store. Dr. Harris or your hygienist will recommend exact use.



These are great for removing food from food trap areas and bigger contact spaces. These small interproximal brushes look like small Christmas trees and can easily be used for on-the-go plaque removal.